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Steam Autoclave-JY-12 / JY-16   价格:¥0

  Item No.:JY-12 / JY-16

  • Steam Autoclave-JY-12 / JY-16
Model Voltage(V/Hz) Power(W) Vol(L) Chamber(mm) Pack Size(mm) Space(cm) G.W/N.W(kg)
JY-12 220/50 1800 12 Φ200×368 670×515×485 60 42/38
JY-16 16 Φ230×360 45/41

※Yollow-Green LED/New Rapid Steam Generator※

※Water and Steam Separation Device※

◎European Class B and S, in accordance with EN 13060: 2004 standard, with three times pre-vacuum and one times pre-vacuum, pulse drying function. Vacuum index up to -0.85bar, the device residual humidity <0.2%.Being able to sterilize instruments that are packed,unpacked,solid,Hollow A,Hollow B and Hollow B pipeline.High efficiency,allwave sterilizing.

◎Super bright yollow-green light LED.PC Automatic control.

◎With tests of “BOWIE & DICK”、 “HELIX”、 “VACUUM”.

◎User-defined Function. Adjust sterilization temperature,vacuum times,sterilization time,drying time.

◎New rapid steam generator of stainless steel pipe, completely solve the Silica gel pipeline and seal because it is aging.

◎Water and steam separation device. In order to improve the life of the vacuum pump, improve the pulse vacuum value, so that the device is more reliable sterilization, enhance the dryness of the device.

◎Upward-Open water tank.

◎ULKA brand mini water pump. SU 304 stripe stainless steel.Double door lock control structure.

※Yollow-Green LED/New Rapid Steam Generator※

※Water and Steam Separation Device※