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  • Sealing Machine-KDF-1000
Model Voltage(V/Hz) Power(W) Fuse(TA) Seal mark width(mm) Pack Size(mm)
KDF-1000 220/50 500 5 ≥12 560x260x220
Sealing speed Seal the edge Operating temperature Temperature control accuracy Printing method Working environment
10±0.5m/min 0~35mm Adjustable 60~220℃ Adjustable ≤±1% Stylus printing 10~40℃
Maximum current G.W/N.W(kg) Storage environment  
3.2A 16.5/14.5 Temperature:0~55℃ Humidity:90%(R.H) Atmospheric pressure:50KPa~106KPa  

7-inch color LCD touch screen, flat ceramic heating element, built-in main/backup two 24-pin printers, automatic switching operation and printing system in Chinese and English.
Graphical operation interface, keyboard input control, automatic data storage. Self-prepared printing parameter database, reading sealing parameters through USB interface, realizing storage of 8 million times of sealing and printing information, convenient for tracing query.
Online query of historical records can be made directly through the operation interface.
Rapid heating, uniform heating speed, high temperature resistance, long life and high thermal efficiency.
Adopt computer temperature intelligent control, rapid heating and auxiliary heating design, working temperature 60-2200C can be set arbitrarily.
The sterilization date and expiration date can be adjusted automatically according to the setting, and the moon and the size of the month can be automatically adjusted.
Automatic detection of working process, automatic fault alarm indication.
The system will give the printing width value according to the selected printing content, and automatically calculate the minimum printing width.
It can print test time, sealing temperature, pressure, speed, sealing time, operator, equipment number in Chinese and English.
Built-in positive sequence (descending sequence) sealing counter, which can realize sealing quantity statistics within 0-9999, and has special functions such as printing margins and printing interval symbols.

Powerful function: single and double line printing, one-key switch selection according to your needs. Keep printing records for traceability.

Print content: sterilization date/expiration date/batch number/operator/pot number/pot number/packaged items/department name.

Icon printing: CE/cannot be used twice/tear invalid/sterilized.

Package items: Built-in 45 optional items to meet the names of all dental appliances.

Built-in structure: Japanese original print head/Taiwan Meanwell switching power supply/Aluminum alloy and stainless steel movement.